Philanthropy’s Newest Partner

In coorperation with the Tennessee Alliance for Kids


The Sunshine Club exists to bring joy and dreams to children in foster care, those aging out, foster and biological families and even social welfare workers across the state. The Sunshine Club provides love and encouragement through the creation of special moments unique to each recipient. These events are designed to invite special memories into an often chatic life that these children can’t control. 

Philanthropy has joined the Sunshine Club as their major sponser, donating over $42,000 to help provide for the needs and dreams of Tennessee’s foster children and their support community.


Tonight in Tennessee, just slightly less than 10,000 children will go to bed in foster homes.  Some of these children just spent their first night in foster care and some are aging out of the system after spending years bouncing between homes.  Some of these children will go into foster homes and one day be adopted, yet for the majority of them, the uncertainty of going between foster home and back to their biological parents only to be removed again. Many grow up with very little normality in their lives, not knowing who they can depend on. All of their eathly possessions fit inside little suitcases or more often, black garbage bags that can be transported from one home to the next.

Over the next year, The Sunshine Club, along with Philanthropy, will bring much needed joy and suprize to the lives of children across the state of Tennessee whose lives have become all too predectable.  With the support of Gov. Haslam, The Sunshine Club hopes to become the model for charitible giving in regards to our foster children that other states will desire to emulate.


The Process


Every month a family is choosen from among submissions from DCS to receive a special lifetime memory and to escape life’s pressures for a few hours.  The special “give” can be as small as a trip the zoo for someone who has never been or as large as funding a mission trip for a college student who has aged out of the system. This program is solely funded by donations of money, time and services by our community.


James 1:27 says this;

Religion that our God and Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


How blessed we are to be able to help “the least of these”.




* The Sunshine Club is a division of the Tennessee Alliance for Kids.

Get Involved

Help provide a special day to a child/ children in need by emailing us below


If tight for time, why not donate?

Organize a "Drive"

Organize a drive  through your local church to provide formula, diapers, wipes and baby care products for new mothers

Needed Items

Drop off a much needed item such as; diapers, wipes or a gift card for a foster parent


Become a certified volunteer and spend time with one of our foster children coming into care at one of our Safe Rooms

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