Our Mission

Our Christ-centered purpose is to provide family-style, residential care and sustainable solutions that fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis.

Haiti’s Orphan Crisis

In 2012, Unicef estimated there were 430,000 orphans in Haiti. Unicef defines “orphan” as a child who has lost one or both parents. Many of the estimated 430,000 Haitian orphans are living with an existing parent or extended family members, while others are living as child slaves (“Restaveks”), or in various forms of institutionalized care. Unicef’s definition of orphan can be further defined as children in crisis due to death of a parent/parents or separation from parent/parents caused by, but not limited to, war, sickness, or extreme poverty. A large portion of Haiti’s orphaned children fall into the category of separation due to extreme poverty.

Our Vision

First, under the guidance of Haiti’s Child Social Services, we provide holistic, residential care for children in crisis by building and operating Children’s Villages with multiple family-style homes lead by Haitian House Mothers. By utilizing our resources, relationships, and our American and Haitian staff, we strive to create a circle of care around each child with the intent of giving every boy and girl the chance to reach their God-given potential.

Second, we will utilize our platform to help create sustainable and dignified jobs to push against the poverty-driven child abandonment and child slavery cycles. We believe the best orphan care strategy starts with a fight to keep families together.

Our Core Values

From our Children’s Villages in Haiti to our offices in the United States, we hold fast to Christ’s teachings and commandments. We strive to teach and exemplify Love, Honesty, Obedience, and Responsibility in the name of Christ.


Hands and Feet Culture

  • We fight for family. We believe the best option for long-term care of any child is within a thriving, healthy family. We celebrate the re-unification of children with their biological families. We advocate for adoption if possible. Although we provide exceptional,  family-style care in a safe, nurturing environment, we view our Children’s Villages as the best, last resort for children in crisis.
  • We are not the authority. The children we care for are under the jurisdiction of Haiti’s Child Social Services. We do not “take in” children. Children are placed with us by Haitian government agencies. With a position of humility, we are providing resources, systems, and compassion to provide Haiti the very best residential care options for it’s most vulnerable children.
  • Circle of Care. We provide comprehensive care by partnering with a team of experts and passionate support staff to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of every boy and girl. Our team of care-givers and the standard of excellence we strive for is affectionately called our “Circle of Care”.
  • Village Values. At each Children’s Village we are committed to encourage and equip our kids to embrace Hands and Feet Project’s core values of Love, Honesty, Obedience, and Responsibility with ongoing teaching, intentional activities, and by celebrating exceptional behavior at our yearly Village Values event.
  • Transitional Care. At 18 years of age, our children have the option of leaving our campuses as an adult or staying at one of our Transitional Care Homes in the community until they are 21. Those who choose to stay with Hands and Feet Project enter into a contractual agreement constituting a behavioral expectation and a work/study requirement. Children live, study and/or work under the guidance of a Residential Advisor. We are also committed to providing different apprenticeship options for these young adults.
  • Haiti Made. Born from a need to provide jobs for children transitioning out of orphan care, HAITI MADE exists to build a ‘circle of trade’ united around quality products, sustainability, and dignified jobs.  Purposed to fight against Haiti’s orphan crisis, HAITI MADE has grown to partner with several organizations throughout Haiti to provide jobs for young adults transitioning out of residential care. HAITI MADE is a business initiative owned and governed by the Hands and Feet Project. Net Profits from HAITI MADE pour back into the Hands and Feet Project to be distributed to further the mission.