Philanthropy Ministries

Partnering with individuals, through the love of Jesus Christ, to meet their fundamental needs while enhancing the complete development of each person with life skills, basic education and job training.

Why We Exist

Meet Our Partners

Hands and Feet

Jacmel, Haiti

provide holistic, residential care for children in crisis by building and operating Children’s Villages with multiple family-style homes lead by Haitian House Mothers. By utilizing our resources, relationships, and our American and Haitian staff, we strive to create a circle of care around each child with the intent of giving every boy and girl the chance to reach their God-given potential.

Hands and Feet help create sustainable and dignified jobs to push against the poverty-driven child abandonment and child slavery cycles. We believe the best orphan care strategy starts with a fight to keep families together.

“Christina and the Philanthropy team have been faithful partners of Hands and Feet Project for a decade. They’ve helped purchase vehicles, build homes and provide loving care for children and sustainable solutions for struggling families in Haiti. Above all, Philanthropy has faithfully walked with us, prayed for us, and encouraged us as we’ve striven to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in Haiti. God bless Philanthropy as they continue to partner with ministry efforts around the world.”

Mark Stuart

Co-Founder , The Hands and Feet Project

The Cookery

Nashville, TN

The Cookery kitchen trains and equips homeless students in culinary techniques and food safety in order to prepare them for employment in the food industry. Their aim is to re-establish identity, sense of purpose and destiny. The Cookery strives to help break the cycle of hopelessness, bad choices and regret, through instruction and compassion.  Through this program their students emerge confident in themselves and able to enter relationships with their communities once again.

“I could fill pages of the effect and the sincere love that Christina and Chris have poured out towards us personally and professionally under the banner of Philanthropy. How they have emboldened sometimes wearied hearts. How their compassion has rekindled fires, helping to remind why we began the mission in the first place. This past year

Philanthropy provided for the full renovation of our Cafe in materials, equipment and skilled labor. The team worked very long days as they flexed around our operating hours. They put their creative gifts, their finances, their very backs and pinched time into making the Cookery Cafe a sign and a wonder to all who enter.  Their energy was infectious and luminous, the very expression of the Gospel being lived out.”


Brett Swayn

Co-Founder , Lambscoft Ministries and The Cookery

The Sunshine Club

State of Tennessee

Currently in Tennessee, 8,000  children will go to bed in foster homes.  Some of these children just spent their first night in foster care and some are aging out of the system after spending years bouncing between homes.   Some of these kids will go into foster homes and then be adopted, yet a majority of them will bounce between foster homes and back to their biological parents.  Many grow up with very little normality in their lives.  All of their possessions fit inside a suitcase that can be transported between homes.  The Sunshine Club, a division of TN Alliance for Kids, was developed to bring joy and dreams to children in foster care, those aging out, foster and biological families and even social welfare workers across the state.  We provide love and encouragement through the creation of special moments unique to each recipient.  These events are designed to invite fun memories into a sometimes topsy-turvy life that these kids can’t control.

Every month, a family is chosen among submissions from DCS to receive a super special, life-time memory to lighten the load of life for a few hours.  The Sunshine Club is funded strictly by donations of money, time and services.  We count on our community partners and churches in the area to step up and help “the least of these”.  We take seriously the responsibility to be light in a world that has seen it’s fair share of darkness.

“There’s really no way around it…without the true visionary faithfulness of Philanthropy’s well, philanthropy, our ministry simply wouldn’t exist today.
More than a year ago a small group of people who cared about children in foster care were asked by the State to consider starting a nonprofit which would engage the community to provide for the emergent and ongoing needs of children at risk of coming into foster care, those in care, and those aging out. We stepped out in faith and said yes to this, and we had no idea how our needs would be met. But, God did.
We found ourselves sharing the needs of children with foster care experiences, as well as our vision, with the leadership team at Philanthropy. Maybe God had prepared their hearts. Maybe they saw the vision. Maybe they felt the passion we spoke with. Or maybe God nudged them in some firm way. Whatever it was, Philanthropy quickly came around us to become not just one of our first supporters, but our very first Business Supporter.
Because of the unyielding faith Philanthropy had in us, our tiny little ministry was able to work to engage the community and deliver nearly $1 Million of resources to the foster care community in our first full year, all with 1.5 staff. Because Philanthropy supported our work, we were able to keep almost 60 children from either coming into foster care, or to make it possible for them to leave foster care to live with family. Our work has impacted more than 350 children in its first full year. And we truly are just getting started.
Businesses, like Philanthropy, who engage in their communities and offer support to nonprofits doing the hard work are the rarest and most precious gems. In small nonprofits, the days often turn into nights. The work is unending and oftentimes the challenges seem insurmountable. But when you can look behind and around you and see that you have the support of a business like Philanthropy holding you up…pushing you forward…it’s more than enough to press into the extra mile. We are forever grateful for the faithful support Philanthropy has offered us and the children in crisis we’ve served.”
Jen Gash

Executive Director, Tennessee Alliance for Kids, Inc,

Not Forgotten Campaign

Southern US

The “Not Forgotten” blessing bags are part of an initiative to reach our homless population with the love of Christ while providing for some of their most basic needs. Donated and distributed by our community, these care packs come with the committment to take time to stop, get to know and pray with the pepole who need our love and encouragment the most.